Discover the steps to building a Soulful Brand that allows you to step fully into your zone of genius, attracts ideal clients, allows you to stop trading time for dollars and is powerfully and Authentically YOU!

EVEN if you've "done branding," before. 

This 7 Day Challenge Will help you Align to Your Soul’s Purpose
So You Can Create The Business That Supports A purposeful Life that you enjoy!

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The Challenge Begins Wednesday, May 6, 2020
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Igniting a soul-aligned authentic brand comes from uncovering who you are at your core, and understanding how that shows up in the world and resonates with clients. When you are in alignment, everything around you clicks into alignment. That’s what it means to have an authentic, soulfully aligned brand. Even though your business exists outside of you, it is born FROM you!

Come learn the steps to igniting a brand that attracts ideal clients and makes it easy for them to say YES!

Want the "secrets" to creating an aligned brand that makes it easy to sell value?
In this 7-Day Challenge we will take you across 7 days of brand alignment that will help you to step up into your brand in a bigger way that feels oh sooo good for you (and brings in the money, too)!
Whether you want to:

  • Get clear on your long-term vision
  • Learn how to Position yourself as an authority so clients pay what your services are worth
  • Shape your business to better support your desired lifestyle
  • Attract more ideal clients
  • Sell higher ticket items
  • Create and launch new offerings

We are going to go through all of this in a private challenge group to take you through a step by step journey to uncover your deeper why, the seed of your brand, and then understand how that's the key to unlocking greater business success.

Your internal driving force is the bedrock to an aligned brand.
From that seed, alignment grows,
Ideal clients are attracted in,
You can sell with confidence and ease,
And, you'll become more empowered as the leader as you move forward with future growth, change or stepping into new ways of doing business.

The first problem is that most people think of brand and something you “put on,” or try to be. But a soulfully aligned, authentic brand is something that comes from within you!

Once you uncover that and learn how to harness your internal wisdom, vision and guiding principles as the life force for your business, it opens up an entire new world of possibilities where business becomes easier and growth can be multiplied!

Many entrepreneurs spend years just getting by, because they have no idea they're missing the foundation from within that ignites it all to the next level!

Too many people tell themselves the story that “I could never be like her.”  “My life is good enough.”  “I should be grateful for what I have.”

I’m here to tell you: you don’t need to be like anyone!

Your life may be awesome, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be better!

Be grateful for what you have, and release guilt and shame for wanting more!

I can speak all of this authentically and transparently as a person who has overcome my own massive limiting beliefs and money stories. Growing up in a working class household where money was tight, hard-work was worn as both a misery and badge of honor, and being the first in my family to graduate high school then college, I believed the lie that I was only worthy of things that came hard. I only deserved money if it felt hard. I spent years bending and molding to how I thought I was supposed to be in this world and a LOT of things felt hard.

It wasn’t until I uncovered the authentic brand that was within me that life began feeling easier, I began selling much more rapidly, and eventually with complete energetic ease! It was then that my sales grew from $100k to $250k a year, to over $1 million in sales by year 4! Today, I’m in my 5th year in business leading an award winning brand strategy, marketing and coaching firm, with a team of 9 and growing. AND, I get to spend time doing things I love, while continuing to help others. It's possible because I've harnessed my inner vision and learned how to marry that to the needs of clients. While our vision comes from us, how we sell is about serving the client's desires (important distinction).

All of this became possible because I faced fears head on and uncovered the brand within.

Since then I haven’t stopped guiding the way for others like you to discover what’s in store for YOU in this new world of business!

What difference would it make in your life if you had a mega soul-alignment shift that helped you to better connect with your ideal clients?

How much revenue would you attract if people clearly understood how you could help them so they could clearly see the results in store for them, and they felt so powerfully connected to it that they’d happily pay a premium?

What would that mean for your business and life to stop trading time for dollars and instead finally leverage your passion and genius into real profits?

Do you think it would be powerful to have insight into who your ideal customers are, how they think and what drives their decision to buy?

Do you sometimes feel like you're missing something in this area…  that there's something you don't know… that other people seem to have access to?

If so, you're going to LOVE our 7-day challenge.

This is NOT your grandma’s same-ole branding course.

What this IS, is your ticket to a leg-up not only in business, but in every area of life!

Because once you uncover, unlock and unleash your authentic brand from within, there’s no stopping what you can achieve!
Find out first-hand what clients have to say:
My name is Amber Swenor, soul-centered badass with a vision.

And I'm here to help rebel-spirited visionary leaders like YOU to step into your full potential and vision for your unique life.

As a transformational life and business strategist, I guide entrepreneurs in uncovering their truth, and engaging that information to ignite a fully aligned, purpose-driven AND profitable brand.

I teach people how to own their authenticity and make great money because of it.

I know this well from my own journey as a multi-entrepreneur, leading a brand strategy agency, as a transformational coach, front woman in a metal band, and my latest adventures in hemp-farming and developing a CBD product line.

This has all become easy and in flow for me, because I understand brand strategy, I understand that it all flows from me; just as your brand and success flows from you 

The problem: Most people have branding all wrong.

They are too busy trying to fit someone else’s idea of what their brand is “supposed to be.”

They don't understand that your authenticity is the key to your soulful brand.

Because you answered YES to some of the questions above, I know something about you…

That you have the desire to do BIG THINGS but haven’t yet gotten the results you want yet…

You desire to stop trading time for dollars and FINALLY charge your worth at the next level,

You know you can help others, but can’t seem to attract a steady stream of those clients, regularly,

Or, maybe you do have those clients but you still feel something more calling to you but aren't sure how to navigate that pivot....

You feel there is more, and you don’t want to feel ashamed for seeking it! You want to do good things in the world and better your life…

And, you feel that having the guidance and support from someone who has walked this path and has a proven record of success could possibly be a solution to help you as you walk yours...

That’s why I’ve created the Ignite Your Brand Challenge. To help heart-centered, rebel-spirited, visionaries like YOU to fully IGNITE that fire within!

It’s time to SHINE BRIGHT in YOUR authentic brand!

But, maybe there are a few simple things holding you back and it's not all happening as quickly as you'd like.
That Is Why I Created
This Challenge For YOU.
Here's the truth:

Millions of people are "working on their business" and talk about how difficult it is.

Millions of solopreneurs are stuck at the start…

Only 13% of businesses ever get past the 6-figure mark….

The reality is that it does NOT have to be this difficult and you do not need to stay this small, if you get the right guidance.

You see, I was just like you...

Searching for the answers but coming up short.



Wanting more and hearing that voice inside me that said, "yes... there is something more!”

That’s what gave me the courage to leave my 6-figure job and start cold turkey with building my business in the first place.

But then once I did open my doors, a new wave of fears flooded in… I got my first clients, can I get more? Now I have five clients, I’m so busy, I feel like I just created a job for myself, how do I raise my prices?

I’m afraid to raise my prices… what if they question my rate? What if they say no?

How can I ever hire someone… I’m too busy to train them…

What if this all falls away?

See, I was learning as I went too, and stumbling and struggling in those early days.

I hired a few business coaches, but they had such old school prescriptive ways of doing things that didn’t even BEGIN to scratch the surface of WHO I WAS AT MY CORE (turns out, that’s the magic that now helps me to best serve my clients, go figure!)

Furthermore, those coaches didn’t even dig into the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. They said, “it’s easy. Just charge more.”

Ugh. No. Charging more does NOT make it easy to attract in and close ideal clients. Doing that requires something much deeper than just “charging more.”

I set out on a path to uncover what that deeper thing was…

And it wasn't until I received my own personal awakenings through experiences with the RIGHT teachers and coaches that I realized that I was sabotaging my own growth because I wasn’t fully aligned in my authenticity.

I was so crippled by self-doubt and fear of offending others or if clients liked me, that it was blocking my ability to sell at a premium. Once I mastered my own internal brand, it flowed through externally, and quickly I charged more and grew the team more. We became known. Referrals grew. Our reputation now proceeds us. That’s what a brand is. It’s how people feel about you. But guess what, an authentic brand doesn’t start externally looking in,

It starts with YOU.

When I finally understood that, I got absolute clarity about where I had been going wrong…

I had been looking to the market to dictate my worth.

When I shifted, everything else shifted too.

Wealth started to pour in,

People wanted to come work for my company (some even willing to work for free to earn a place!),
Clients would ask how to renew with us.

My personal health and happiness was approved. Finally, I didn’t have to worry where my next paycheck was coming from.

Now I got to be the strategy leader of a company and a team, the CEO position I always dreamed of!

Guess what, whatever version of a life you want, you can have it too. Whether that means $5k a month, $100k a year or $1M+ a year…. Remote lifestyle or brick and mortar, team or no team. The choice is yours.

I can teach you the path to achieve it.

In 7 Days You'll Understand
The Soul-Centered Foundation For YOUR One-Of-A-Kind UNIQUE Brand!

If you're confused about what to focus on...

If you're distracted by conflicting messages,

Or by complicated marketing tactics,

You’re overwhelmed by business coaches focused on “tactics” and “strategies”....

If you're tired of feeling stuck and don't know what steps to take next...

Then this Ignite Your Brand 7-Day challenge is specifically for you!

Here are 3 reasons to participate:

  1. You’ve worked too damn hard to give up now
  2. You’ve worked too damn hard to miss out on the unique opportunity before you RIGHT NOW
  3. You have a feeling and you’re ready to trust, and step.

Want a few more reasons?

  1. I’ll clear any confusion about where to start and the steps to take next
  2. I’ll help you calm the chaos, and tune in to what YOU desire to create
  3. You’ll get the chance to receive live 1-1 coaching, where one simple shift could be priceless for your personal happiness, and worth thousands to your bank account!

Imagine: You're able to attract ideal clients with ease, charge your worth, and  finally create the life you desire.

Sound like it’s someone else’s story?

I used to believe that too, until it became my reality,

And it can for you too!

I’m going to teach you the powerful tools that will help you make the lasting shifts that MATTER so you can get into alignment with who you are, and how that aligns for your ideal clients.  

If the only thing you got was better insights into your values so you can more empowered decisions in your business...

If the only thing you got was less stress by ruling out less than ideal clients...

If the only thing you got was more creative flow to energize your business...

If the only thing you got was more clarity on what to do next...

Wouldn't a few hours of your life be worth it?

No fluff or time waste.
Real live coaching with a heart-centered high level business strategist who has walked the path from $0 to $1M, here to guide you in your unique journey.

I’ll be live coaching every day for 7-days!

We’ll finish the challenge with a powerful, up-leveling day that will leave you with greater confidence, clarity and a community around you to sustain your vision moving forward!

In other words, instead of just giving you hours of content you'll never get through, we're going to be there with you, every step of the way!

Once you join we'll explain more about exactly how to Ignite your Brand, the steps to take, and a lot more!

When you apply what you’ll be taught, you’ll start to feel different immediately, and might even see increased sales during this challenge! You’ll not only FEEL more aligned, but you’ll see how it starts to show up in the world around you!

The breakthroughs possible for you, are endless. All you have to do is choose to step in.

Here’s what to expect in our
7 Days of Fun, Badassery, and Breakthroughs!

What you’ll get: 

  • Get more connected with who you are and what matters to you
  • Get clear on your vision forward
  • Re-align to why your biz exists
  • Gain better insights into what drives people to buy from you
  • Learn how to make sales in a way that feels good to you
Day 1: Understanding the brand within you
This is the renewable energy source that makes everything go with greater ease!
Day 2: Defining your long term vision
Your vision is unique to you. Often your soul feels what you desire, but your brain gets in the way with the reasons why you can't have it, shouldn't do it, or need to wait.... Not here sister! You'll be supported in claiming your vision no matter if you've never said it out loud before, can't see how it could ever come true or have no idea how to begin. Every dream life starts with the seed. It's your seed and this is where it sprouts.
Day 3: What are you branding?
Seems straightforward right? It kind of is.. but here's the thing, so many soulful leaders like us get all wrapped up in our emotions about if we're branding ourselves and how to brand ourselves and how can I brand myself if I've never even done this thing before. Stop. Join the challenge :). In this lesson you'll learn the differences between branding yourself, a product, a company or a combination there-of. You'll also learn how to brand yourself in a way that allows the vision to flow FROM YOU, without getting wrapped up in an internal head game.
Day 4: What’s Your Business Mission?
Your business mission says why your business exists. You yourself likely have a personal mission that may be different from your business mission. In this lesson, I'll help you make that distinction so that you can clearly define YOUR personal mission, AND you can better understand why your business exists and what it's mission is as this gives you clarity of direction for this current business model, moving forward.
Day 5: Brand is an Experience
People buy experiences. How awesome is yours? Let's find out.
Day 6: Aligned Sales
Learn how to Sell By Serving, the Heart-centered sales approach. This is something you are already so equipped to do as a soulful leader! In this training, you'll learn how to sell in an aligned way that allows your customer to feel supported AND empowered to saying YES!
Day 7: Ignite!
Learning is all fine and well... now how are you applying it? In this final day we'll celebrate what you've uncovered about yourself and we'll discuss what your next steps for action look like!

To enhance your learning and fast-track results, you’ll receive a workbook to support each step of the journey.
It will be your companion guide through our sessions and to help you along your way... putting all that you'll learn into action as we go. Many clients have kept similar workbooks for years and years and reference back whenever they feel stuck or lose their way. I’m confident that this foundation will serve you well too!


Try the ENTIRE THING - 7 days - risk-free!

Join the challenge, participate, implement and enjoy the freebies we'll pack in along the way!

HINT: You'll be rewarded for saying yes to yourself and showing up. We'll be giving away more than $14,450 worth of coaching and content!

Sound good to your soul?

People keep asking, "what's the catch?" "is this really free?"  YES. This is free.

At the end of the challenge I'll be making a kickass offer for those who are ready to take a next step and continue working together. This is completely optional if you wish to continue the journey with the support of community and by me. If you feel called to that support and ready to take that step NOW, skip the line and book a call with a member of my team. There are a limited number of group and 1-1 spots available to step into working together so if your soul is saying YES YES YES, let's explore what could be in store for you! Book a consult here -->

YES! I’m ready to join the Challenge NOW!